After we set up the website of ‘China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN)’ at LSE in 2008, we received a stream of generous and encouraging feedback.

Here is a selection of these endorsements (listed in alphabetical order):

'I have found very interesting this new website that has been launched to offer insight in the study of contemporary China, and I would like to join the network'. - Professor Eugenio Anguiano, Centre for Studies of Asia and Africa, El Colegio de Mexico; Former Ambassador of Mexico to China

‘The CCPN … looks most interesting and valuable, … the current emphasis on entrepreneurs is excellent’. -- Professor Francesca Bray, Head of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

‘I think it looks really clear and helpful, a very exciting project’, and an ‘obviously a great project’. -- Professor Harriet Evans, Coordinator of Asia Studies research, University of Westminster; Former President of the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS)

‘I have a very strong research interest and involvement in the current global concerns for sustainable development specifically related to the interface between economics and environment. One of the primordial concerns in China today is her ability to manage and control the impact of her economic advance to ecology of China in particular and the world in general. … It is of critical importance for the CCPN…to get acquainted with the global issues related to Climate Change, Global Warming, Ozone Depletion, as well as the global mechanisms related to this like the ISO 14000 on ecology as well as the global regulatory mechanisms established by the UN Nation Agencies involved in Economics of Environmental Management of the Planet Earth. ... On top of this, it is of critical significance that their academic formation and orientation must be coupled with a more precise knowledge on the interface of economics with ecology as well as interface of economics with culture. In brief, this dynamics of the economics of ecological anthropology maybe aggregated to a system of the C, N, E Equations, where C refers to Cultural Capital, N to Natural Capital and E for Economic Capitalization of China today. … I am pleased that you have extended this worthwhile invitation to me. Indeed, I feel honoured about this.’ -- Dr Ernesto R. Gonzales, Director, Social Research Centre, University of Sto. Tomas, Espana, Manila, Philippines; Chair-Economics, National Research Council of the Philippines

‘I really like the idea of creating a network on networking, and I would be happy to participate in and to contribute to…, especially from the perspective of my ongoing research on Chinese migrant networks.’ -- Professor Bettina Gransow, Chinese Studies at the Institute for East Asian Studies, Free University of Berlin

‘That looks very interesting and exciting, many congratulations.’…’the project looks like just the kind of thing we should be doing - independent and ...with a good cutting edge theme.’ -- Professor Christopher Hughes, Department of International Relations, Former Director of Asia Research Centre, LSE

The website ‘is perfectly abuzz with ideas, aspirations and purposefulness!’ – Dr Maria Jaschok, Director of the International Gender Studies Centre, QEH; Dept of International Development, University of Oxford

‘I am very interested in joining the network… The same for my colleagues who are working with me: Ms Zhu Yan in SASS, institute of sociology and soon Dr Chaitali DAS (from India but about to teach in Belfast next September).’ ‘I passed on the information to one French colleague who is working in Shanghai on the “Three Gorges”. She is also interested in taking contact with you. Hope we will have fruitful collaboration in a near future’. -- Dr Jean-Charles Lagrée, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Sociologist; Shanghai Academic of Social Science (SASS) Visiting Fellow; Former General Secretary of European Sociological Association

'I agree with great interest and great pleasure to be member of your Academic Advisory Committee and I am glad to support your website'. Professor Edgar Morin, philosopher, sociologist and anthropologist, one of France's leading contemporary thinkers. Emeritus Director, French National for Scientific Research Center (CNRS); Former President of UNESCO's European Agency for Culture

'It looks very interesting and I've always believed that greater comparative study that spans the Eastern and Western perspectives on a wide range of issues is very important for the future.' Professor Ken Peattie, Director of the ESRC Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society, Cardiff University

'I am very impressed with the launch of the website. It has very important significance for networking scholars of China related studies internationally'. Professor QIN Hongzeng, Science-technology and Social Development Research Center, Guangxi University for Nationalities; Editor-in-chief of Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities.

'It's really a fascinating idea to have a close contact between your network and our program on Contemporary China Studies......., you can have a look at what we are doing on contemporary China studies: http://www.china-waseda.jp/chinese/index.html'. Professor Shigeto Sonoda, Institute of Oriental Culture & Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo, Japan (formerly at Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University)

'...you may be interested in the Institute in Hong Kong which I set up 8 years ago, using research activities to create a critical mass of like-minded colleagues and students. A kind of networking: www.hku.hk/ihss...' -- Professor Helen Sui, Department of Anthropology, Yale University; a former Chair of the Council on East Asian Studies

'The website is very impressive! Congratulations to you all. I'm also impressed with the material you have put together - it demonstrates quite vividly just how much is going on here [LSE].' -- Mr Gus Stewart, Director of the Research and Project Development Division (RPDD), LSE

The website ‘looks to be a most exciting new development’. -- Dr Norman Stockman, Honorary Secretary of the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS)

'I found it very convincing and interesting and would be very much wiling to support it'. -- Professor Isabelle Thireau, Research Director of the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

'Learning about the world and cultural behavior is an ongoing passion, and I look forward to furthering my knowledge and awareness through this prestigious network.' - Ms Eda Ulus, PhD Candidate, Management School, Royal Holloway College, University of London

'It is really great that Stephan and you created this platform for China scholars.' - Professor WANG Mingming, Department of Sociology and Institute of Sociology and Anthropology, Peking University.

‘You have a very impressive set of people involved, and the goals of the project are important ones’. -- Professor Jeffrey Wasserstrom, University of California, Irvine; Editor of the Journal of Asian Studies

‘The focus will certainly be a productive one…’ -- Dr Rubie Watson, Faculty of Social Anthropology, Harvard University

'Congratulations on these various successes. They are a real credit to you all.' -- Professor Sarah Worthington, Law Department, LSE Pro-Director.

'... Fascinating initiative!' -- Professor Arne Westad, International History, Director of Centre for the Study of International Affairs, Diplomacy and Grand Strategy (IDEAS), LSE

'It seems that China studies in LSE is progressing well and fast... China in comparative perspectives is exactly what I would love to do, and I notice there is a large number of literature emerging already about India-China comparison.' -- Dr Biao Xiang, RCUK Academic Fellow at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford.





"贵网提供了深入研究当代中国的机会,非常引人入胜,本人有兴趣加盟。"——墨西哥学院亚非研究中心、前墨西哥驻华大使欧亨尼亚•安吉亚诺教授(Professor Eugenio Anguiano)

"CCPN……引人入胜,意义非凡。……目前对企业家的的关系关注很独到。"——爱丁堡大学社会人类学主任弗兰西斯卡•布雷教授(Professor Francesca Bray)

"我觉得该项目看上去确实思路清晰、很有帮助且激动人心",而且,"显然很棒。"——西敏寺大学亚洲研究协调员、前全英中国研究协会主席艾华教授(ProfessorHarriet Evans)

"本人有志且致力于研究当下举世对可持续发展(特别是有关经济环境互动层面)之关注。首要问题,乃中国掌控经济发展对国内生态及全球环境影响之能力。……CCPN有必要……关注下列一些全球性问题:气候变迁、全球变暖、臭氧层破坏,诸如ISO14000之类的全球机制,及由联合国设立各国的地球环境管理经济机构组成的全球管制机制。……除此之外,学术旨趣及研究方向亦需更深入了解经济如何与环境及文化互动。简而言之,生态人类学之经济运行动态可归纳为一个C、N、E的等式,C代表文化资本,N为自然资本,E为今日中国经济资本化程度。……我很高兴收到这份意义非凡的邀请。说实在的,我感到非常荣幸。"——菲律宾圣汤姆士大学社会研究中心主任、菲律宾国立研究委员会经济学研究主任额尔尼斯托•R•龚萨勒斯博士(Dr.Ernesto R. Gonzales)

"我非常赞赏于建立一个研究关系的网络,我很愿意参与其中并有所作为……,特别是从我目前正在进行的中国移民网络研究视角来看。"——柏林自由大学东亚研究院中国研究部柯兰君教授(Professor Bettina Gransow)

"那看上去非常引人入胜和激动人心,衷心祝贺。"……"该项目看上去正是学者之所应为——独立且……研究主题富有前瞻性。"——伦敦经济学院国际关系系、前亚洲研究中心主任克里斯托夫•休斯教授(Professor Christopher Hughes)

网站"完美呈现创意和思潮,目的性强。"——牛津大学国际发展系(QEH)、国际性别研究中心主任玛丽亚•雅梭博士(Dr Maria Jaschok)

"我对加入贵网很感兴趣。……与我一起共事的一些同事亦然——上海社科院社会学所朱燕,及柴大力•达斯博士(Dr Chaitali Das,此君乃印度人,但明夏即赴贝尔法斯特任教)。"我也把信息转告一旅居上海研究三峡的法国同事,她亦感兴趣于和您联络。希望未来我们能进行富有成果之合作。"法国国立科学研究院社会学者、上海社科院访问学者及前欧洲社会学会总秘书长让-查尔斯•拉葛雷博士(Dr. Jean-Charles Lagrée)

"我同意、且感兴趣和乐于加入您们的学术指导委员会,我很高兴能支持您们的网站。"——法国当代杰出学者、哲学家、社会学家和人类学家、法国国立科学研究院名誉主任及前联合国教科文组织欧洲文化机构主席埃德加 •莫兰教授(Professor Edgar Morin)

"看上去非常引人入胜,我也一直坚信,在一系列宽广的领域上扩展东西方之间的比较参照,对于我们未来的研究非常重要。"——卡迪夫大学经济与社会研究委员会之商业关系、问责、可持续性和社会研究中心主任肯•比蒂教授  (Professor Ken Peattie)   



"我一直对CPPN发展的速度和深度有着非常深刻的印象"。--- 伦敦经济学院中国办事处主任斯密斯博士  (Dr Brendan Smith)

"……可能阁下会对本人于8年前在香港创立的研究所感兴趣,当时,我通过研究活动培养了一批趣味相投的研究人员和学生,亦是一种网络:  www.hku.hk/ihss|……"——耶鲁大学人类学系、前东亚研究委员会主席萧凤霞教授 

'贵网令人印象深刻,衷心祝贺您们!集思广益,令人叹服,生动地展现了贵网生机盎然的风采。——伦敦经济学院研究项目发展部主任戈斯•斯图亚特先生 (Mr Angus Stewart)

CCPN网站"是一项最令人兴奋的开发"。——英国中国研究学会荣誉秘书诺曼•史多克曼博士  (Dr Norman Stockman)

"令人信服、引人入胜,我非常愿意支持它。"——法国国家科学研究院当代中国研究中心主任伊莎白教授(Professor Isabelle Thireau)

"格物致知、文明举止,乃吾志向,愿同贵网,共进学识。"——伦敦大学皇家霍洛维学院管理学院博士生伊达•乌鲁斯女士(Ms Eda Ulus )

"您同王斯福老师为中国研究学者搭建了一个良好的平台。"——北大社会人类学研究所社会学系王铭铭教授(Wang Mingming)

"贵网志向不凡,且参与人员之广,令人叹服。"——加州大学欧文分校、《亚洲研究》主编杰弗里•华泽斯特罗姆教授(Professor Jeffrey Wasserstrom)

"贵网所志,定有所成……"——哈佛大学社会人类学系高级讲师华茹壁博士(Dr Rubie Watson)

"贵网硕果累累,衷心祝贺!是您们众志成城之明证!"——伦敦经济学院副校长、法律系萨拉•沃辛顿教授(Professor Sarah Worthington )

"……富有吸引力的企划!"——伦敦经济学院国际关系、外交及宏观谋略研究中心主任安•维斯达特教授(Professor Arne Westad)

"看起来,伦敦经济学院对中国的研究发展迅猛且态势良好……中国比较研究正是本人兴趣所在,我也注意到,已有相当多关于中印比较的论著涌现。"——牛津大学社会文化人类学研究所,英国研究委员会研究员项彪博士(Dr Biao Xiang)



The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

为了与您及时分享我们的资源, 我们采纳中国发展的'边建设边使用'的做法,尚有大量的工作待做, 真诚地感谢您的理解、参与和慷慨赞助!

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