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The biannual forum of the Global China Media in Comparative Perspective (GCMCP) is founded jointly by the College of Art and CommunicationTongji University (China) and the Global China Institute (UK). It is supported by the Tongji University Liberal Arts Office . Tongji University is one of the oldest national universities, and has become one of China’s leading universities over a century of development, the office is a function department that is responsible for the development and building of philosophy and social science in the university, the college has dedicated itself to research and education of new media in the context of new media and internationalization. The Global China Institute is an affiliate member of The Academy of Social Sciences in the UK, which consists of the China in Comparative Perspective Network GlobalJournal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP), The Global China Dialogue annual forums, Global Century Press and Global China Unit – a knowledge based think tank, etc. The academic institution aims to promote China's comparative research and all-round participation in global social construction and governance.

The 2017 conference of teh Global China Media in Comparative Perspective (GCMCP) is one of the academic activities held in celebration of Tongji University’s 110th Anniversary. It will be held in China’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Shanghai, and will invite over 60 scholars of comparative research, school deans, journal editors and other experts on media and communications from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United States and several other countries across Europe and the rest of the world to participate. Click HERE see more details......

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        全球中国传媒比较研究论坛(Global China Media in Comparative Perspective,缩写GCMCP)是由中国同济大学艺术与传媒学院英国全球中国研究院共同发起的双年系列论坛,它得到了同济大学文科办公室的大力支持。同济大学是中国最早成立的国立大学之一,经过一百多年的发展其已成为一所综合实力位居国内高校前列的知名学府,其文科办公室是该校负责人文与社会科学发展和建设的职能部门,其艺术与传媒学院致力于新媒体和国际化背景下的新型传媒教育与研究。全球中国研究院是英国社会科学院的成员单位,由全球中国比较研究会《中国比较研究》期刊全球中国对话论坛全球世纪出版社全球中国智库等部门组成,是全方位促进中国比较研究并参与全球社会建设和治理的全球性学术机构。



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