Globalization of Chinese social sciences 

Along with introduction and application of general social scientific theories and methods in studying Chinese society there are two prevalent perspectives in the Chinese social science circle: firstly, that foreign scholars’ endeavours to study China are ineffective and cannot solve the practical problems; secondly, that Chinese social scientists should ‘break the Western academic hegemony’. The so-called ‘Western academic hegemony’ includes the publishing of articles in English, writing in accordance with the Western social science norm and style, authors being accepted by the Western academic system, and works being understood through the lens of Western ‘ideology’. To Chinese scholars, these requirements are seen as an ‘academic hegemony’. So in the case of Fei Xiaotong, even if all his works were translated into English, the English version could not always accurately express the essence of the academic thought.

Two viewpoints prevail in Western social science: one is that the level of Chinese social science is generally low; the other is an expectation that new ideas may be learnt from relevant research by Chinese scholars. Among the articles which will be published in the first issue of The Journal of China in comparative Perspective (JCCP) in 2015, one is by a Western social scientist on ‘inventing and developing of Chinese social science vocabularies’ in the context of Chinese social scientist Fei Xiaotong’s research; another one is a Western sinologist’s article on the application of relevant methodological viewpoints, again from Fei Xiaotong’s work. These articles demonstrate how Western authors can be self-reflexive in conducting their research on China, so reaching a new level of research.

Global China Academy promote Globalization of Chinese social sciences  in all aspects. JCCP is committed to publish the best results of empirical studies of problem-oriented research, theoretical and methodological studies bilingually, in order to engage in-depth communication between Chinese and non-Chinese scholars. Global Century Press publishesthe the  book series Globalization of  Chinese Social Science. Global China Dialogue Series (GCDS) annual furum sometimes organises the Symposium of Globalization of Chinese Social Sciences, in conjunction with it. Global China Thinktank is anticipated to introduce Chinese social scientists’ work globally in the framework of the globalization of knowledge, and through consultancy and public engagement to participate in shaping the global society.

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